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It's April. I lost 50 pounds in one month! April fools! Sorry couldn't help it. Ha! I did my exercise first thing this morning. Didn't have too much energy to begin with but I made it through the whole hour plus 15 min. extra. Good for me. I'm losing inches but I still haven't weighed myself yet. I dont think I want to until I feel like I've really lost something. I had yummy steak and eggs for breakfast and a protein bar. Later I'll have a chef's salad.
Tomorrow hubby and I have to get our taxes done and I have to go to the doctor's to get a sonogram in my pelvic area. I have to check if I have a fibroid again. I have to check out why I'm not getting pregnant.
I feel so good today. Just finished my exercise and had a Carb Solutions bar for breakfast. They're really good if you're craving something sweet or if you don't have time to cook breakfast or just lazy like me. I like the Chocolate Fudge almond flavor the best. I buy them at the Duane Reade's store near me, but if you can't find them you can order them from the website.
A girl from my job noticed I've lost inches around my stomach area. But yesterday this lady (customer)who I only see like maybe every 2 months told me I'm gaining weight. But the truth is I'm like 4 pounds less since the last time I saw her. She is so annoying and she tells me I look fat every time she sees me. Will she say it next time when I'm 10 pounds lighter? And she's very short and heavy herself so I don't why she says these things. Anyway, negative remarks like that only fuel me to work harder. When I exercise I see her fat face in my mind and I do an extra 15 min. I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep on exercising and low carbing!!!
I feel like my weight is not budging. Still haven't weighed myself but I know I've lost inches because of the way my jeans fit now. And my "love handles" were melting down but not anymore. I've still got a good grip on them. What can I do? Drink more water? Exercise more? Cut my fat intake a bit? I'll try anything. I've got a way to go before summer get here.
It was so nice today. Hubby and I did our errands and then we went to the movies. We saw "Tom Cats", pretty funny. Then I went to the library and hubby went to the local park to play chess. He's such a dork when it comes to chess. But I guess it's better that he plays in the park and not on the computer so that I can have some time!
We're almost done with the processing of the co-op apartment. Hopefully by June we'll be moving!! I can't wait to be out of this tiny place. I have to make up my mind on how I'll decorate the new place. Modern? Retro? Hawaiian? I'm a dork.
Happy Easter! This morning I decided to do step aerobics. I dusted off my old step, did my streches and was ready to go. Halfway through I realize how out of shape I am! I mean, I've been doing my own exercises with my weights for the past 2 months. I do it for at least an hour and afterward I'm sweating. But I think with the step aerobics you're working harder, much harder, with the up and down on the steps plus moving your arms at all times! So I decided I have to do the step more often than the free style. I'm also bloated right now so I feel like crap. Blah.

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