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More Close Encounters!

      *I met Cowboy through a mutual friend,I'll call Bill.We all rode Harleys back during the middle '60's,me only starting in '66 through '70.But in '68 I lost contact with Cowboy and I desprately want to find him.Anyway,Bill was a crane opreator and he met Cowboy first then introduced me.Both of them were working on the new Texas Instruments building in Sharpstown,Texas,when Bill said he saw,plus others,Cowboy fall from the top of the building and hit the ground.Bill jumped off the crane and ran to him,Cowboy just got up and dusted himself off and told them he was fine.I believe they called an ambulance,but he refused treatment.That is how they met.Bill had told me that Cowboy was strange,that he would talk about being from another planet,but only if you pushed him to talk about it.He never bragged about himself and as a matter of fact never talked about it.But Cowboy invited us out to his little plot of land near Sugarland,Texas on a weekend and I was dying to ask him some questions but i didn't want to seem foolish.This man wasn't strange,he just had wonderful powers.It took me some time to realize that Cowboy was answering my questions before I was asking them.Many times I caught myself trying not to think about anything because I know he was reading my mind.He even told me one day when I had a terrible headache that I even had it and was smiling trying to not let on that I was feeling bad.I asked him how hw knew and said "your aura shows you are red in your head".I really don't believe auras were discussed back then.Let me say I was only 19 at the time.Then one day Bill and I went out for a visit,always on weekends,and I finally got around to ask Cowboy if he could lift an ash tray that was sitting next to me,because I heard from another person that they saw him do it.He did mouth just dropped open and Bill reached over and shut it.Then we were preparing to have a BBQ on the weekend and Bill and Cowboy went to get some food.I stayed behind because I just had to look around his small trailer to see where all the books were hidden,scifi books,etc.,he would have had to read to know all this stuff about space.I have never snooped in somebody's home,but I couldn't help myself.Found nothing,except,a drawer full of old flintlock handguns from the early 1800's or earlier.I found a photo of Cowboy on a tin plate from the early 20's or before.I don't believe they had that capability to fake that in the '60's...not sure.And the home he was building was so unusual.Never in my life have I ever seen anything like that,it was made of materials inside,like leather.He owned approx.6 jaguars and I believe,not sure,4 or 5 motorcycles,two of them being old old Indians,one a stick shift Harley and then his new one.No one could even tell his age but what I noticed about him was his high forehead.Because I remember saying to myself,"boy has he got a brain".But he was the kindest person I have ever met in my life.He showed us skematics or drawings of a spaceship in complete detail.He also had this book,no publication info inside,copyright date,nothing,it was leather bound,approx.6 inches thick,and you could see that there was mathematical equations but in symbols.Now,if you are going to impress someone,I don't think I would have that much made up.Then one day I went to visit on my own and I asked Cowboy if he liked it here and he said yes,he loved the people.He did say that his,let's say "boss",would come once a year to visit him to see if he wanted to come home.He siad no.He took me,sorry,plus Bill,out to an area where his "boss'" spaceship would land,the ground was not burnt,you could tell,but it looked like a shadow was on the ground all the time.There was 4 deep depressions evenly spaced apart.The government could have used him.I even asked Cowboy if he wasn't worried that people were going to make fun of him or he would grt into trouble by his claims and he said he wasn't worried.I asked him if I could tell my parents and he said go ahead.So I couldn't wait to get home and tell them and when I did,and after they got through laughing,I realized Cowboy didn't have anything to worry about because nobody was ever going to believe me.Cowboy never had a following like what you see today,i.e.,Heavens Gate,that was not Cowboy.He had intimate friends and we had so much fun.I have kept this to myself for nearly 32 years and wouldn't have said anything now if I hadn't seen the program "Aliens Among Us" or something like that,that aired on one of the major net works recently.I thought,"maybe what I know is not so crazy after all".One of these days I'll find Cowboy.I have written the Harley club in Houston by email to see if there are any old riders still living in the area who might remember him and know what happened to him.Or,he might read this page...I was a Paralegal,Deputy Sherriff,for 30 years,only a deputy for 4 of those years.So I have not crawled out from under a rock with my haed twisted on backwards.I don't know why the government tries to hide facts,they could have used someone like Cowboy.I don't believe they are here to hurt us.And if Cowboy wasn't from somewhere else,I'll eat this web page.Hope this helps.It will help me,if somehow Cowboy reads this and finds me.Thanks.
      Kay P.,September 2.1999
      *I have seen two UFO's.First one I was drawn out by my mother calling me from our home in St.Louis County/maybe three miles from the St.Louis airport.At the time I was a member of the St.Louis Astronomical club.It was September 1962 at about 4:00 p.m.,very clear sky.My mom pointed out this bright object to the eastern sky.She asked me what was it? I said well it couldn't be Venus,it's in the wrong area and it's too early.I went back inside and brought out my 2.4" Tasco telescope and pointed it to the bright object.It did not move! I showed it to my mom and neighbors.Something was very wrong.As I put on higher and higher magnification it still did not move.At 240 power it shown a bright white ball and filled the image area.Everyone there took turns looking at it at this high power,and it stayed there for nearly 30 minutes.Any heavenly body would have quickly moved from the site of the view,any balloon would have likewise moved very quickly.This object did not move!Until,a very loud jet aircraft took off.I spotted a B-47,what seemed to be at tree top,giving it all thrust it could.The B-47 did it's start of a second circle and was heading up!The white ball then moved staright up out of site,as the bomber was still going.My mom said I should report this to the airforce...ya right.I did call after protesting that nobody is going to believe a kid.I got through to the base and they said there was nothing up.Being a bit sarcastic,I said look out your window and tell me you don't see the B-47 in the sky? They hung up.The jet did three circles and then headed west out of site,I assume to land back to the airport.The four of us went back on with our chores and didn't talk much about it ever again.It was like we didn't see what we saw,because the airforce said it wasn't there.But,I'll never forget it.My second sighting I'll write later.Sincerely,
      Frank H.,August 24,1999
      *hello:I have never done this before(telling anyone about a UFO)Here is my story:I was visiting my grandmother,who lives near the ocean in Newfoundland.I was about 6 or 7,it was my first time away from home by myself.Me and my grandmother were sitting on the cliffs near her house watching the ocean and the whales.We were doing this,it was night time and it was getting late so we got up to go back to the house.But then there was this swishing sound like the water but it was louder than the water,like I could hear it and the water as well.We turned around expecting to see a boat or something but there was a bright orange light.It looked like the sun but it was movin and it was came closer,it got windy and really hot and then it was gone.It was kinda weird,but all the grass around us was burned and the cliff rocks were smoothed out.And that was my experience.Thanx for listening,
      Lilith,August 18,1999
      Part 2:hello,thanx for responding to my letter.I was little when it happened,as you know,so I didn't speak to my grandmother about it until I was older.She told me she thought it was a UFO,as did I,her idea was they were lost,looking for something.She thought that was why they came so close to us,because they thought that we were what they were looking for.I don't remember being scared,I remember being very calm and knowing that it wasn't going to hurt us,my grandmother had the same feeling she told me.I think that it was a UFO,or something like one.I think that they just want to know about us like we want to know about them.Thankyou again,
      Lilith,August 21,1999
      *Hi.My name is Brian.I live in Washington state.Anyway,my dad told me about some kind of alien ship that crashed and the government took some kind of object from the alien craft.And what the object is,is that it makes the ship go to mach 8!! But there's one problem,you would get a blood rush.But somehow the object makes it so you can live by going mach 8.My dad said that it looks like a triangle type ship and would go into the atmosphere in about 2 seconds and come back down.That's why some people have been seeing 3 green and red lights go up real fast and back down real fast.Well it's that alien craft and the government probably took the aliens too that were in it and have been studying them.This is no joke.I swear.It would be interesting to work for the government and find out what they find all the time and don't you think so?
      Brian,July 25,1999
      *In the very early days of crop circle sightings these were most likely real.Today,except for an occasional crop circle design,the rest are copy cat designs by artists expressing themselves with a new art form...fact.Most of the designs are very beautiful and original.Imagine an alien intellect spending so much time,energy and exposing their well being to all of the crop circle designs found around the world created just for our pleasure to view...nuts! Peolple,grounded earthlings create the crop circles.But that's OK and more power to 'em.Through the years(80 of 'em)I have viewed remarkable sightings,all were seen because I was in the right place at the right pictures,heck!Unprepared viewer caught without cameras.Now I carry the proper tools just in case of a sighting,again.I have never reported my sightings because I have no pictures to back up my claim.Even if I had a picture the officials and big brains would pooh-pooh those pictures much like they did with the astronaut pictures taken from their space flight,when the big mouth brains claimed that the photos captured were flashes of ice coming off the capsule's side.The pictures showed two UFO's in a dog fight...fact...but there were three,with two attackers and one shooting and one back up,the back up UFO was off camera and didn't get into the photo frame,but I saw the entire episode from my backyard as the capsule flew overhead.But,there was a close encounter view of a UFO fly-by prior to the engaement at close range.Boy!What a sighting and other sightings that appeared in the area.That's all folks,I don't care to have the dark suited men appear at my front door and say,"retract,shut-up or we will bury you in the desert"...fact.CHEERS.
      Delos,August 7,1999