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Millenium Fever


666 Soon:A very cool and informitive site
Escape 666:Very well done site,a must see
Final Friday:Chat with other people,or send your opinion about the very last Friday of 1999.A very cool site "seals are broken";everything you ever wanted to know about the antichrist
It's the End of the World as we know it...Again:Nice site full of intersesting pages.Must see!
The Voice of God:Real Audio clips of a man who believes God is delivering messages through him
Center for Millenial Studies:Excellent source of information
Millenium Movies:In the mood for a doomsday flick? Visit this site for ideas
In the year 2000:Very nice site with links
Apocalypse Countdown Clocks:A site with links,books and of course,clocks counting down
Prophecy Links:Yes,you guessed it,prophecy links
Millenium Bug:Take a look at "the" millenium bug
OverSee 2000:The fun way to learn about y2k,games,puzzles,contests
Psychic Sylvia Browne:Find out the meaning of life,plus 1999 and future predictions!!
Noah's Ark:alot of information to help you survive the end.
Year 2000:Millenium News:Interesting news,so keep watching!! for the end of the world as we know it.
The official Website of The New Millenium:Very nice site,you have to check it out
Y2K help!:All the help you need
Digital Doomsday:Know your cyber rights
Watcher Website:Millenium and Apocalypse :This huge site covers everything: millenium and apocalypse,antichrist,conspiracies,bible aliens and ufo's.Check it out!!
Rapture Ready:Prepare yourself for the second coming
Prophecy Central:Everything from the prophecies to the millenium bug
The Mark of the B.E.A.S.T.:Battle Engagement And Simulated Tracking...I love this site,very entertaining!!!
Mondex:Get ready for a cashless society
The Dawning of a New Mark:Very scary but truthful information
M~X N~Y2k:Links about the New world order to the illuminati
Millenium bug:General info
Millenium Frontier:A very cool directory to interesting sites!!Must see!
Global Psychics:Prophecy and Predictions for 1999 and the Millenium
Earth Prophecy:Very cool site about predictions concerning the earth at the writings of Nostradamus,especially the hidden codes!
Everything 2000:A complete listing of events around the world
The it out
Countdown To Armageddon:Take a journey through prophecy.Very cool,a must see!!
Calvary Prophecy Page:Very nice,take a look
What Saith the Scripture?:Very beautiful religious site,another must see
Ed Yourdon's web site:Author Ed Yourdon
The Armageddon Watch:Timeline for doom
The Millenium Bomb:United Kingdom Government's y2k site
Billenium:Very nice site about the millenium,prophecies,people's opinions,and a liitle history
Apocalyptic Hope:Nice site,tons of links
Atlantis Station:Cool site of prophecy studies,very thorough,tons of excellent links.Must see!
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