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Noah's Maze:Amazing 3D art,the same one I used on this site,by Charles A.Ostertag,you have to see it!
Max Magnus Norman:Beautiful and extraordinary art by the universal artist Max Magnus.A must see!!!!
ImageNETion:Fantasy and science fiction art plus more
Slawek Wojtowicz Art Gallery:Very cool computer art
The Artwork of Boris Vallejo:Excellent site of one of my fave fantasy artist
Luis Royo Art Gallery:Great gallery of another favorite artist,plus other fantasy artists
Joe Jusko Artwork:Cool artist,great gallery
The delightfully devilish comic women pages:Very cool gallery of Vampirella plus others like Satanika,Dawn,and more site with info on comic books and new ones
Saskya's Realm:Very nice,must see
Chaos Comics:The official chaos website
Witches & Worms:Very cool,original female fantasy art
The Digital Splash Page:Site dedicated to comic art,must see!
Sylvia Browne(Psychic & Spiritual Taecher):World famous psychic,but you can learn so much here
elsajoy:nice site,worth a look
Angel Visit Experiences:People's stories of angels visiting them,inspiring
Global Psychics Inc.:A huge site on everything from angels to y2k,a must see!
Angelic Revelations:The gospel revealed anew by Jesus
The Last Day:By Glenn Kleier.This book was so good I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for the movie to come out! Check out the site if you want to know a liitle more about it.
Embraced by the light:Betty J. Eadie's beautiful and incredible account of her near-death experience.A must read!
The Prohetess:By Barbara Wood.This book was exciting,passionate and intriguing.Go to your library to get it now! Visit her to read more about the book and her many other excellent books.
The Crow(believe in the afterlife):Excellent site of my favorite movie,you have to see this!
Dark Romance Magazine:Literature,art,music,lifestyles


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