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On May 5,1995,Ray Santilli,a business man from England,announced to the world that while researching old film material for a music production, he had obtained military footage of an autopsy performed on one of the alien beings that had died in the crash at Roswell.That crash which he was talking about was in 1947 on a secluded ranch outside Roswell,New Mexico.The U.S.government quickly and quietly collected the debris from the crash and the alien bodies.This alien autopsy was filmed,showing a creature similar in form to a human,with no hair,a bulbous stomach,and big empty eyes.The film is 17 minutes long, silent,in grainy bkack and white.This same footage was later shown on Fox Television in the U.S. as "Alien Autopsy--Fact or Fiction?" Since it's release in early 1995,this film has caused alot of controversy.Skeptics have declared the film a hoax,but there still is a possibility that it is real.What do you think? Here are some pictures from the film.
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