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It's November already! The months really fly by so fast. Yesterday was Halloween. My hubby and I went to the movies, we saw "Bedazzled" with that gorgeous Brandon Fraser and the beautiful, thin Elizabeth Hurley. God she's gorgeous, but in my opinion a little too thin. And the movie wasn't that great but the two of them were fun to watch. Anyway, then we went to the supermarket to buy stuff for my low carb diet: meat,cheese,turkey slices etc..This morning I had a beef burger with melted cheese and my coffee. Lunch was eggs w/turkey slices and cheese(I feel guilty eating all this cheese!)and a few wheat thin crackers. Now I'll eat half a banana and some peanuts before I go to work. Speaking of work,I didn't go to the bank interview. My husband and I talked about it and we decided it's better I stay where I am now. It's close to home, my hours are flexible,I don't have to spend money on train fare or lunch. Plus if I get pregnant soon, I can quit like in 4 months. We're moving to Florida next summer anyway. God I hope so. I didn't exercise today, feeling lazy. Tommorrow I will. I'm feeling weak and light headed. I hope after a week it will pass. Oh! I weighed myself on my scale and it says 165. I know I couldn't of lost 5 pounds already. But the docotor's scale says 170. Whatever. The weight that I'll put down here is from my scale. I like those numbers better! *LOL*
Yes it's Friday! Woohoo! I'm feeling good. My energy level is getting higher and I'm starting to feel my depression lifting. I'm doing pretty good on the low carbing. I want to buy the book "Neanderthin" by Ray Audette. I've already read Dr.Atkins' New diet revolution and it's what I'm basing my diet on now but I'm interested in this neanderthal way of eating. Basically it's meat,eggs,veggies,fruits and nuts. I'll probably buy it tomorrow while I'm visiting my family. Usually I hate going over there because my sisters and even my mother are all slim. and they enjoy shopping and buying their size 6's and 8's. While I'm still in the size 14's. How embarrasing. But I figured getting out is better than staying in the house feeling sorry for myself. Plus I miss my little neice, she's sooo cute. Well, off to work I go...
I'm feeling ok. The thing is, I'm really sticking to this low carb thing,(I have to admit I cheated a couple of times but it was little, not like a big thing) but I'm not exercising enough. I know if I exercise I'll lose weight faster and I'll feel great. But for some reason, I'm being such a lazy ass. I guess it's because after my accident in '98 my knee will never be the same again. When I do my step aerobics or Tae-bo I strain my knee and I have to stop. What can I do? Maybe just dancing. I have to look up some exercises that will be ok for my knee. I haven't weighed myself. Too damn chicken. I've been taking pictures of myself though like every 2 weeks, to see if I can see any weight loss results. Gotta go...
This morning my husband was touching my stomach and he looked at it and said I was losing inches! Slowly but losing. Yaaay! I love it when my hubby notices. It makes me stronger to keep on going. Sometimes I feel like giving up, I won't lie. It's so hard. But when people start noticing it, you know it's working and you just keep on going, more determined than ever. But let me just say, you don't have to wait for someone to notice because you can feel it yourself, I mean, It's your body. So even if no one notices right away, you know eventually they will. It's a very slow process for some people(like me), but the days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into a year and so on...So don't give up!!! 11.15.00
We don't have a President yet...But someone noticed I'm losing weight!!! Yeah!!! About who will be president...I think it will be Gore, only because a certain psychic whom I believe, says so. I think it will finally be over on Saturday.'s been so weird. Recount, no recount. Well back to me, today a co-worker(male)asked me,"Are you losing weight? I can tell from your face." Yes! He made the rest of my day. But I'm kind of sad that I'm still not pregnant. When God, When???
Ok, I've been so lazy about exercise but I finally come up with something I will do: dance. I love dancing and listening to music. I listen to KTU 103.5, they play alot of dance music, especially Friday nights. So instead of feeling forced to do something I don't like, I'll do something I love! Don't get me wrong, I will still exercise with my step and exercise videos, but I'll dance more often.
My hubby and I are going to Atlantic City this Saturday. I can't wait! I love getting away for the weekend. I just hope I can stick to my low carbing over there! You know casinos are famous for their buffets. I can do it. Just stick to the meats, cheese, eggs, and veggies. Wish me luck!!
I cheated on the diet. BIG. Starting in Atlantic City. I had pizza. After we came back I continued cheating the whole week. I've been so bad. Then Thanksgiving came...But I'm back on track.
I have to start Christmas shopping. Don't know what to get for hubby.
It's been so hectic this month at work and I feel like I didn't get a chance to rest! The psychic I spoke to on September was right!!
That's it. The low carb diet is finished. It might work for some people but it didn't work for me. I tried. All I lost was some water! I went to the doctor yesterday and my blood presure is higher!! She had to put me on medication. My God I'm too young for this! It scared me. I also gained 4 pounds since I last saw my doctor, which was last month. So it's back to a lowfat, low calorie diet for me. It always works. With exercise of course.
She also gave me prenatal vitamins to take because she knows I'm trying to get pregnant. Should I put off pregnancy for a month or two? I need to lose weight badly. I'm just so disappointed I wasted 2 months on this diet and nothing...
Well not nothing, I gained! So I'm going to eat lots of fruits and veggies and do lots of exercise and sweating.
Started taking my medication yesterday. Some side effects I'm feeling already are lighheaded, dizzyness and feeling sleepy. I was feeling so sleepy at work yesterday. Hopefully the side effects won't last after a while. I'll take the medication for a month then go to the doctor for another checkup. If my blood pressure has gone down, I'll stop taking the medication.
I exercised this morning. I have to clean the house because we're going to have a friend staying over on Friday.
We're probably going to Atlantic City again this weekend with our friend. I'll stick to my diet this time. I'll have chicken or fish with veggies. See ya next month!

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