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It's been so hectic since last month! Yesterday hubby and I both had off so we did some Christmas shopping. And on my day off, my job is calling me to come to work. NO Thanks! I didn't answer or call back. We only got half the gifts so next day off (Tuesday) we'll finish the rest, hopefully.
Last weekend we took our friend to Atlantic City and had to rush back the next day because he had to catch a plane back home! He just came for the weekend from Texas! I would never take a plane to somewhere just for the weekend. Not enough time to do anything. We were running all over Manhattan just so he can buy souvenirs to take back!!
Anyway, I don't think I lost anything despite all the running around. I decided to change something else. When I come home from work, no eating. If I'm really hungry just 1 glass of lowfat milk. I have to do this. Now I have to run to work!
Not doing so good on this diet. Looks like I'm going to have to start brand spanking new on January. But hey, what a perfect time to start new again right? New Year, new resolutions, start with a fresh mind. I hope the year 2001 brings good and positve things for me. (Like a baby?)
I was reading my diet diary from 1997. I still kept it. I think it helped me alot writing down everything that I was going through. I started at 175 and ended at 145. I was jogging 5 times a week with my hubby who was my boyfriend at the time. I was eating chicken and salad or black beans with rice and tuna. I didn't eat dinner. That's how I lost weight. But now my knee is not strong enough for jogging so I do step aerobics or Tae-Bo. Reading it inspired me to try harder. I did my exercise this morning and so far I'm sticking to my low fat diet. I had oatmeal for breakfast and black beans,rice,tuna for lunch.
We finally finished our Christmas shopping yesterday!! This year we were so disorganized. We recalled last year we had saved money seprately for Christmas gifts and we bought everything a month earlier so we weren't so stressed out. Have to do that next year.
I feel so drained and feel as if I'm not getting enough sleep. Hopefully as I start losing weight those symptoms will go too.
I'm so happy I have the whole weekend plus Monday + Tuesday. YES!! I need that time off. I'm soooo drained. Sunday night hubby and I will be leaving for Atlantic City, coming back Tuesday evening.
I'm so BLOATED right now. All the extra water goes to my breast, and it's so uncomfortable. I have to find something to take it out or a way to avoid it every month. I don't know why, I cut out salt from my diet and I drink plenty of water which is supposed to flush out any extra water. I tried water pills but they don't work. But I think the main reason I have extra water is for the extra weight. When I weighed less I didn't have this much water.
I'm stuck. Stuck at this weight and it's driving me crazy.
This girl at my job gave me these weight watcher's books that she had told me about before. She had done weight watcher's and lost weight but she didn't stick with it, she's really chubby now. Anyway, it works on food points. You can't go over a certain amount of points per day. Mine is 20-27. For example 1 cup of chicken noodle soup is 1 point, 1 small hamburger is 6 points. So it gives you this huge list of food and their points. So once again I'm trying something new.
Today I had to do some errands even though it's my "bum day" as I call it. Had to do my neighbor a favor and get her some prescriptions since she can't walk yet(she had an accident).
I bought a Charlie Brown christmas tree. It's not real but since our place is so small I thought it would be perfect. And it is! It has fiber optic lights so it looks so cute! Can't wait for hubby to see it tonight.
We'll be going to Atlantic City tomorrow night. It's beginning to be a habit! But it's so much fun!!!
We went to my mother's apartment for Christmas. It was...what can I say? My family is weird. But hey I love them. My hubby wasn't too happy, he wanted to leave as soon as possible. We has a fight. We left seperately. Didn't speak to each other until this morning when he tried cuddling with me. We went to the movies today and saw "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks. He's so good in that movie, maybe he'll get an Oscar.
I've decided to make a regular journal because I write about other stuff too not just my diet. (What diet? I'm doing terrible). So starting brand spanking new in January that's what I'll do.
Have a very happy and positive new year! It's a perfect time to start again, whether it's a diet, career, family matters or just working on yourself, there is no better time than January.
I'm totally pissed. I have to work tomorrow. New Year's eve! But hopefully only until 6 or 7 p.m. This stupid girl in my job always makes up some excuse and they let her! So I end up covering for her. Hopefully it will be so dead that they'll let me go even earlier. I hate this job. I'm just hanging on because my lazy ass doesn't want to look for something else. I have to tell my hubby. He'll be upset. Well, maybe not that much because I know he'll be on the computer playing his chess game forever. He should be coming home soon.
It finally stopped snowing. It's about 12 inches. 26 degreess and Freezing. Everyone was so excited, but not me. Not to crazy about snow. When I was a kid, yes, now, I want to live in tropical weather.
I'm totally ready to start my New Year's Diet. I'll be very strict and do my exercises faihfully. In one month I'll hope to write down good news here.
Happy New Year everyone!

January Journal