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First day of March. Have I accomplished anything? NO! Well, maybe a little something. For about a week now I've been eating a nice salad. For me that is something because I never eat it but I know I have to eat it for my health. I have to make it a way of life not a diet. I'm thinking about going back to low carbing but not as extreme as before. But I'm trying not to eat white rice or bread or cereals. I quit coffee completely. Wow. I guess I did accomplish somethings! I should be less harsh on myself. That's another thing I have to learn.
Still not pregnant. Hubby and I will go to the hospital on Monday to get some papers from my surgery and go to my gynecologist to see what is going on with my body. Hubby was quite dissappointed when I got my period. He wants to be a daddy so badly. I feel so much pressure from everywhere. I have to relax and meditate.
The months just flew by! Before you know it summer will be here. I have to lose weight! I did step aerobics this morning. Now I'm off to work!
I'm convinced this month will be different. I have to get my butt moving. I just finished exercising and I feel great. Took a nice long shower afterward. Now I'll eat a nice big salad and relax. On my calendar I'm marking an X on the days that I exercise. So at the end of the month I'll look at it and feel so good about myself for accomplishing something. I've been too lazy for much too long now. No more.
It's snowing outside! They said it's going to be worse than the blizzard of '96. I remember that blizzard, I fell on my butt when I was running to catch the train. Well, nothing we can do to stop mother nature. I'm suppose to work tommorrow though. If it's really bad, I won't go.
I hope I'll lose weight soon. I'm so tired of being depressed all the time.
Still low carbing. Didn't exercise today. The big storm that they said was going to come never did. Thank God. What else? Oh yeah, my mother and sister and my cutie pie neice came over yesterday. My hubby cooked these delicious big shrimp and rice and a salad. He's such a great cook. I was home all day by myself today. Sometimes I like it that way.
I don't know if it's because of this low carb thing, but I was looking all over the house for a cigarette. My husband and I quit for 2 years now, but sometimes I get this craving. I found half a cigarette and smoked it. Pathetic. But I guess it's better to give in at the moment and not go crazy later buying a whole pack. Tomorrow I'll exercise first thing in the morning.
Yesterday I decided to exercise in the evening. Big mistake. I hurt my knee on my right leg. On my left knee I had surgery after an accident. The cartiledge in the knee was "ripped". The doctor explained it like when your finger nail is torn and you have to file it down. That's what kind of what they did. So I feel like now it's happened to my right knee! Oh NO!! I can't have that right now. I have to exercise to lose weight!! It took me around 2 months to recover. I don't want to go through that again. Walking with crutches. But hubby says I should check it out now before it gets worse. I don't know. I'm resting a couple of days and see if it'll be ok. If not, then I have no choice. LIFE.
Feeling so much better than a couple of months ago. Even a couple of weeks ago! I'm getting some energy back, I'm not as depressed as before also. I exercised this morning. It's always better to exercise in the morning so you can get it out of the way. I'm not an exercise lover, but I know it's something I have to do for my health. But I'm doing what I like: working with weights, aerobics and dancing. Still low carbing. Trying to keep it under 30 grams of carbs for now. Trying very hard to stay away from sugar. It's not easy when you have a husband who loves icecream and apple pie. I can't believe I was eating that (plus more) with him.
I got a ticket for jay walking when I was rushing to work on Saturday! I couldn't believe it! There was absolutely no cars coming, and I was late for work, so I crossed the street and there was this black car with black tainted windows (I should've looked) and this policeman comes out and asks me for my liscense! He checked my name and info on his computer and said my name is clear but I still have to pay like $5. Whatever.
Finally I got the nerve to ask the boss for a raise. He gave me it. What took me so long? I know, no self confidence. Not yet anyway. But I will be getting my self esteem and confidence back. I know I will!
I'm losing my love handles. Yeah! When I gain weight it goes on my back and breast, my upper body and my stomach of course. so I have this ugly bulges on my sides. But they are slowly diappearing! I've been doing my exercises and sticking to my low carb diet. I hope I can lose at least 15 pounds before summer gets here. My sisters will probably come over on Sunday to go shopping. I wish I could have started seriously dieting in January. Oh well, better late than never.
I don't know what's going on here at this server, but a couple of days ago my whole site was gone! I was so upset. I even signed up at another place to start all over again. But today I checked and found everything came back. I think they were just updating. They could've warned me! LOL!
I've been doing so good with the exercise and low carbing. Saw my doctor yesterday and I lost 4 pounds(according to their scale) and my blood pressure has gone down more since I last saw her 2 months ago. Today I had a protein bar for breakfast, tuna patties w/cheese for lunch, banana for a snack and I'm having more tuna patties for dinner. What? I like them. After having eggs and meat for a while tuna is a good change.
We might be getting this 1 bedroom co-op soon. The kitchen is brand new and has a huge fridge! Living room is ok and so is the bedroom. Only the bathroom is small. I can live with that. Just get me outta this tiny place I'm in now!
I can't believe this month is almost over! How time flies. I'm so proud of myself (a little pat on the back) for sticking to my low carb/exercise program for a whole month! Yay! Now if I can just keep going for the rest of the year. LOL!
I'm feeling very good. I know I'll feel much better once we move.
I keep looking at these low carb websites to see if I can get anymore info or tips, but most of the personal websites aren't updated. Alot of them are from 1997 and 1998! Did these people give up? But I have one favorite lowcarb website. This lady lost alot of weight and she's looking fantastic and she updates! It's called Low Carb for Life. What an inspiration!

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